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If you live near or in Agoura Hills, CA and have noticed that your neighbors have installed turf in the front of their homes, then you too can be a part of this home improvement revolution.

Let’s also say you live in an apartment building, but you’re yearning for a nice, big, back yard — the feeling of soft, green grass beneath your feet, the view of green scenery. What can you do to bring the magic of nature back in your concrete home? You guessed it — artificial turf, or in other words — synthetic grass.
Typically it’s used a lot in sports, especially in closed/domed stadiums, because the sunlight can’t reach it well enough and everywhere to keep it healthy and green, and in its essence it’s synthetic fibers made to look like grass. When it comes to bringing it home, there are several aspects you need to take in consideration — do you have any allergies to synthetic products? Do you want it just for decoration, or do you want it to also be functional when you step on it?

There are different styles of turf that Preferred Turf can offer when installing this. Just ask for more information.

Artificial grass provides countless benefits for those looking to have an opportunity in improving their home in Agoura Hills, CA.  The fact that installing it saves a ton of money when compared to regular grass is just one of the many reasons why it’s beneficial to add this popular add-on modification to your home.

Rather than spend money and effort into maintaining regular grass, it’s best to save the environment and water resources by installing artificial turf. Especially living in Agoura Hills, the cost of living can be quite expensive. This is why taking advantage of the benefits of turf may help you and your family in the long run.

Benefits of Artificial Turf in Agoura Hills, CA

Here are some benefits of having artificial turf in your home:

1. Lower cost and savings on your bill

Natural grass requires gallons upon gallons – upon gallons of water to maintain its color, length and overall quality. Artificial turf grass on the other hand, does not need all that water. This helps reduce high water bills that could be avoided.

2. Water conservation

There is a lot of water consumption and maintenance from the upkeep of natural grass in Agoura Hills, CA is . Especially in the Agoura Hills area, conditions can be such where water maintenance is a necessity, and with that comes the usage of an ample amount of water. There are many people who say that water usage should be for other uses, rather than to make their green grass look good – which can be viewed as being quite superficial. Artificial turf can be a great alternative to those wanting to be a part of water conversation and protecting our environment.Agoura Hills exit only sign

3. Consistency

Once you install artificial turf, the turf is there for you to enjoy for quite a long – and with Preferred Turf’s guarantee on the turf it installs, it can be up to 25 year warranty (please see turf guarantee for more details). Having real grass on your lawn can be expensive and time consuming in labor upkeep. It also has the impact of wasting a lot of water. Having synthetic turf or artificial grass can help keep the look of your property in pristine condition, without the maintenance of your home. The good thing about it is that once it is installed, it is always be green. Lawns can never be overgrown or develop brown spots.

4. Cost efficiency

Production from landscape companies and its employees can now be taken out of the equation. Reason why? Well, since artificial turf grass does not grow, you do not have to bring on board an actual landscape company to ensure your entire lawn is kept perfect. Along with that, the products that are used such as weed control, pesticides, different pest control chemicals, lawn care and more can be taken out of the equation as well. The cost of installing artificial turf is a one time purchase. Once it is invested, the break even point can be about two years, in relation to how much you pay in your water bills.

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